Monday, May 5, 2014

Talking about amazing God!!!!!!

I've been wanting to start a blog for a while now, but didn't have time for it!! There is so much that God is doing in my life that I have to share it with my friends and hopefully encourage them in their everyday life to keep on going and pressing in !! !!

Praying you will enjoy this testimony .

For the past two years I've been seeking The Lord more and more!!! I wanted to get to know Him better, on a completely different level. As I've continued to ask Him to give me more of Him, He really started doing it!!! It says in the bible "if you seek, you will find..." Math 7:7  . I believed this word and God proved it to be so real and true!!

In the beginning of this year Holy Spirit put a desire in my heart to go on a mission trip to China with our church!!  Ive always had the heart for missions and had a chance to go a missionary trip few years before.... When I first saw the email about the trip, and heard His voice in my heart, I came up with many excuses to say no... I have three children... who will take care of them? We have had few very hard financial years , I didn't have the money to go... Etc . But so clearly , over and over again I heard Him say "Trust me, I will take care of everything and give you everything you need" . That word TRUST is a good one, isn't it???? So I did!! I said , if this is YOU GOD, YOU will have to do it, I told Him!!

I filled out an application and turned it in to the Churh office. Surprisingly got a call from the leader very next week that interviewed me and accepted me into a team AND asked me to possibly be a leader on the trip!!! What????? I couldn't believe it!! I set up a page on FB to raise the funds needed, sent out support letters and was just waiting to see what God is going to do!!!

When HE moves, it's the BEST!!!!

 In April we had an auction to raise money for our trip that went great and we got $10,000 that was divided between every member on the team and so I got $700!+$200 bonus for selling the most tickets for the auction :)!!!!

With my friends sending in donations to the office and donating on line I've received $2200. Even though it was Amazing I still needed $1300 that I didn't have.. And again I went back to Him and reminded that He have told me, that HE will take care of it!!! TRUST (again) .. Just practicing .... The very same afternoon I posted an update of my trip on FB I received a message from an amazing woman who asked me to stop by her office next day and pick something up. She has been putting her tithe aside and when she went back to see how much she had it was exactly $1300!!!!!!!!!!! AND she wanted me to have it!!!!!!!! What??????? GOD!!!! He overwhelms me with His goodness!!!

 I couldn't  sleep that night.. For days after that I was flying high and so thankful to HIM!!!! What's really amazing is that He didn't wait till the last day when all the money was due, He gave me peace of heart and peace of  mind now!!!  I didn't have to worry about funds and can concentrate on my relationship with HIM!!! Love Him for all that he dose and Praise Him when life is good and not so much!!! He is worthy of my praise !!!!!
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